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Supporting Your Child in All Aspects

Our program focuses on developing your child’s social, emotional, and physical well-being.

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Catering to Your Child’s Developmental Needs 

Children learn through experience ─ observing, doing, and being. Each area of development and subsequent learning impacts other areas of development ─ social/emotional, language, physical, and cognitive. Each child has his/her own individual pattern of growth, individual learning style, personality, and family background that impacts learning.

Our curriculum is a combination of child-initiated and teacher-facilitated curriculum. The children will help establish basic rules and consequences such as: encouraging the children to show kindness to one another and practicing turn-taking. Zashy Day Care will meet the children’s physical, social, intellectual, creative, and emotional needs in the following ways.

Social Development

Staff will ask children simple questions, offering choices “Would you like to play with the red or green car first”. We will ask open-ended questions, such as “What would you do?” to help develop problem-solving skills and ask them how are they feeling today to have them confident in expressing their emotions.

We will use story time to talk about different social situations and how each person might be feeling. Encourage kids to try new things and encourage group play games to teach kids how to take turns, win and lose, share, and negotiate.

Emotional Development

We will help the children accurately identify emotions in themselves and others, managing strong emotions such as excitement, anger, frustration, and distress. To help teach this, we will have flash cards that picture and describe emotions and encourage dramatic play activities. Children will have a 15-minute discussion time every day to talk about what they did in the morning, how they felt, and what was the best part of their day.

Physical Development

Children will have an hour of outdoor play every day if weather permits. Indoor play will include gross motor activities by group activities that include stacking, carrying and fitting together, and increasing eye-hand coordination. With climbing blocks, Yoga, Go doodle Dance time, and tidy up time, the children will be able to exercise their small and large motor movements and build physical strength.

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