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Advocates for Childcare and Development

We aim to help your children thrive, learn, and reach their full potential.

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Helping Them Develop Who They Are 

We believe in encouraging children to grow and strengthen their skills at their own pace. At Zashy Day Care in Grande Prairie, Alberta, we will provide them with the necessary tools and environment so they can thrive and learn more about themselves. 

Our Childcare Philosophy

At Zashy Day Care, we believe that all children are unique individuals, who enjoy learning and playing. We want children to see the possibilities for them from a young age and for them to know and understand that they are not on the journey of self-discovery alone.

We aim to offer children support with group and independent learning. Assisting them to reach their fullest potential by listening to their ideas and implementing activities that bring out their strengths. We will provide them with a caring, nurturing, stimulating atmosphere, as well as security in safe a play environment.

To help us do our best, we like parents to take part in this process and journey with their children by providing feedback, making suggestions, and sharing ideas. These help us to understand the children's background, culture, and family morals.

Our Staff

Our staff comprises of professionals who are dedicated to helping your child with their mental, emotional, and physical needs. With several years of experience, we are well-equipped with knowledge and skills in child development.

Our Mission

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About the Owner

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About Our Program